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Types of folk music

India is a nation with a range of diverse cultures, customs, religions, cuisines and types of art. Music is an artist who can affect people’s hearts in different ways, especially in view of folk music, and what is better than to love them. There is no question that folk music is the most emblematic type of music, one and all valued. Exotic rhythms, unusual instruments and soulful vocabulary are precisely the meaning in basic terms of folk music. In this article we will learn about folk songs so that you will not skip any of them. Take a look at this page;


A lot of people need to know what Lavani is because it’s one of the most common kind of music from the western parts of India. Maybe the songs are sung by women, and while there are a number of classical elements that make Lavani more interesting for the ears.


Bihugeet is the pioneer of sweet melodies and powerful lyrics referring to a routine life. The songs talk about the lives of Assam, her wishes, aspirations, bravery, and love on the soil. Bihugeet is brilliantly paired with Bihu dance and mostly performed in traditional clothes by a group of boys and young ladies.


Koli is dedicated to fishersmen through folk music from Maharashtra. This song’s lyrics talk about the life of seafarers. As folk music based on dancing, it is typically combined with the traditional dance style, and is generally loud, vigorous and quick paced.


Maand is also known for the traditional style of folk singing in Rajasthan, the lyrics of the tracks depict life in Rajasthan in their manner. It’s not entirely classical nor folk in general but is certainly a jewel of the music industry.


Baul is a Sanskrit word that means divine inspired insanity.   The lyrics often include philosophic metaphors while the melodies echo in the open fields of rural Bengal

The Bauls, both influenced by Hinduism and Sufism, sing their songs while travelling for a spiritual awakening with instruments such as Khamak, Ektara and Dotara.


In an incredibly primitive music style that speaks both about Nagaland’s past and about romance in Zeliang’s life, music has a primordial nature that you instantly connect with.


Kajari was originally from the Mirzapur region, another popular style of folk music with classical influences. During monsoon days, the song is sung by women when their husbands are just too long from them.

Though there are many other folk music styles, the above listed has been considered to be best of all in their unique ways and are extremely powerful to ears. To know more about folk song, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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