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Best Up Right Piano Brands

Every year thousands of piano maker brands come and go, there are very rare brands who manage to stay and have a history behind and those are the ones to acquire the title of best piano makers across the globe. For a musician to begin their career and for an artist to grow in career, musical instruments do play a major role that would lead them towards success and so, compromising with the quality of musical instruments can never be a good idea. To acquire the best, good research is very much important and here we are saving most of you time as in this article we will be discussing about the best upright piano brands that are reliable. Check out the list of world-class piano brands below;


Kawai, a brand from Japan is known for offering fine quality pianos at an affordable pricing range featuring incredible durability. Lengthier keys for improved technicality ease and use of various materials such as composite and plastic is what makes Kawai pianos, a unique one. Their digital pianos were the first one to be built with wooden keys.


Bosendorfer, a brand with history has been in limelight since 1828. Addition of keys beyond the typical 88 is its one of the best innovations ever made. Beautifully crafted, Bosendorfer is ideal for connoisseurs and dedicated pianists who are ready to this expensive investment for a long-term purpose as Bosendorfer makes to the list as one of the most expensive pianos in the world.

Steinway & Sons

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Steinway & Sons, introduced in 1853 is one of the most renowned brands that we have in the piano making industry. Each piano produced under Steinway & Sons takes a year to be built by their expert craftsmen has the pianos under the brand name is comprised of over 12,000 parts in the making which makes these pianos extremely rich and luxurious one to won.


Fazioli pianos are best suited for every occasion be it a competition, personal enjoyment as well as for concerts and this makes Fazioli, one of the finest brands available today. The high-quality sound of these stunningly crafted pianos is incredible as it could flatter a huge crowd in an instant. Customization options for certain elements make Fazioli, the most preferred piano brand.

Hope, the above-listed information about the best upright piano brands has helped you to choose the right one. To know more about musical instruments, stay tuned. Thank you for reading.

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