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5 Best Headphones to Produce Music

Music production is a difficult process and that to headphones you can’t get high sounds and nowadays new headphones are heading in market and they are giving best sounds and they are best as of now. There are N number of headphones and not all good one, you need to select best one among them. In this article we are going to brief best headphones to produce music and we will recommend top headphones that will give best sounds for your ear.

If you’re a new to this production domain, here you will get best headphones music production and that deliver aggressive radio, on a note if you’re an expert, you have to consider editing.

5 Best Headphones to Produce Music

1. Sennheiser 558 HD

Sennheiser HD558 Review: A 598 Clone? - Home Studio Basics

Well; in case you simply want to get your fingers into Music Production and have a max finance of just $100, then Sennheiser HD558 is your fine guess.

You cannot pass incorrect with Sennheiser Headphones because the German Company has 6+ many years’ experience of constructing Audio Equipment’s and their headphones are seen in high regards.

2. Sony MDR- 7506

Studio Headphone Review: Sony MDR-7506 - Sonarworks Blog

You will have a long search on your hands to find something as good as the Sony MDR-7506 for the price if you are currently on the lookout for an expensive pair of reference headphones. If you’re not one to sweat over looks too much, then these are the ideal pair of Money’s great sounding headphones.

3. Focal Listen

Focal Listen review: 'Phones bring audiophile sound, reasonable price into  focus - CNET

Focal Listen, are precisely what they are saying on the tin; best for both listening and pro responsibilities that we’d positioned them firmly in the all-rounder class. Overall, the healthy is snug, however not too tight that lengthy durations within the mixing saddle are unbearable. In reality far from it, the longest time frame we had them on was for around 3 hours, with the primary problems simply being back ache and the dearth of blinking.

4. Beyerdynamic DT-770

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Studio Headphones Review 250/80 Ohms - Samma3a Tech

The large, tender, velour earpads and heavily padded headband suggest they’re a joy to put on for hours at a time. The DT 770’s is over-ear too, that means the ear cup rests on the edges of your head, now not your ears. Not only are they extra secure than the on-ear layout of headphones like the HD-25 II, they provide better sound isolation.

5. Audio Technica

Audio Technica: ATH-M50X - 5 Years Later - YouTube

The Audio ATH-M50x is itself an update of the nicely-appeared ATH-M50. The term X denotes some of diffused enhancements, the maximum obvious of that’s that the cable is now detachable. In truth, the ATH-M50x comes with three cables – 6ft variations in each coiled and straight configuration, and a smaller 3ft long directly version.

To conclude that, above are the best headphones to produce music and Focal Listen is the best one among the list.

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